Holiday Harvest

Celebrate the Holidays by Sharing the Story of Farm and Family Food Sustainability!

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Welcome to Holiday Harvest 2020!

Food, family, fun are what the holidays are all about. This holiday, let’s make a difference in the world and end a challenging year on a cheerful note!

Every holiday family feast starts on American family farms! Through this difficult year, they kept things going to provide food for families, even as they faced incredible challenges. Imagine how great it would feel to the people who kept food flowing during the Summer of Covid if they knew people care. Let’s brighten their holidays with MILLIONS of people saying, “THANK YOU FARMERS!” before enjoying all that delicious food this holiday season!

FieldRise invites every farmer and family in these UNITED States of America to say “thanks” and show you care about farmers and sustainability. Enter your photos in a contest focused on family, food, and fellowship this holiday season. Be creative and show how food makes your holidays and traditions special!

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How Your Family Can Support Farmers and Make a Difference

If your family cares about the planet and how family farmers grow food, then you are at the right place. The independent science team at FieldRise provides an easy way for families to learn about the efforts of American farmers and ways to improve their own food sustainability and weed out myths. Learn the true story of the sustainability of America’s farms.

Learn the True Sustainability Story

Share the True Farm Sustainability Story - EVERYWHERE!

FieldRise  is committed to sharing the true story of the sustainability of the American farm.  Farm families do what’s right by each other and the planet. They have a great story to share about sustainability. FieldRise has a breakthrough way to measure and advance farm sustainability. FieldRise also helps farmers fight the small minority of misinformed marketers and journalists that harm American agriculture with selective sharing of the facts. Join the movement!

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Connect Your CSR Program with More Farmers and Consumers

If you want your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program to connect better with growers and the consumers, FieldRise can help. We have an easy way to make your CSR program more efficient and cost-effective and we can even help turn your program into a revenue generator.  Join the movement and pledge your support to sharing the real story of sustainability and the American farms.

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